More in our series to help brides to select their photographer.

MISTAKE Number 4- Thinking that having the right equipment is all a photographer needs to do the job right!

Many photographers own wonderful equipment. That doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly. You can have all the latest greatest wiz bang lenses and digital wonder cameras;' but if you don’t know how to use it properly you are no better off than anyone picking up a camera and pointing and shooting.

Compare this to your cell phone. Studies show that half the people who own cell phones don’t even know how to program speed dial, let alone the more advanced features.

The same thing happens in the photography industry.

Many photographers have tools that have a lot of bells and whistles, but if the photographer has little or no technical and creative know how, he may as well be from fifty years ago.

Make sure the photographer knows how to use their tools to the very best of their capabilities. You risk not only pictures that could have been outstanding, but worse yet, utter let-down because of lack of technical know-how.

MISTAKE Number 5- Hiring an amateur, friend or relative, or an unqualified photographer and expect top-notch wedding photographs.

You may have seen a top notch wedding photographer in action at the wedding of a friend or relative. A really good wedding photographer makes it look so easy, almost effortless.

There is a very simple reason for this. Experience.

The biggest mistake any bride can make is asking a friend or relative to capture their day, and when the results are not there, the responsibility and ill feelings can be crushing.

Most, if not all, untrained wedding photographers simply cannot handle the stress and responsibility that goes along with capturing a wedding. The pace, the stress and the speed are way too much for them, let alone being creative.

There is nothing wrong with hiring an amateur, as long as you have realistic expectations, and know you are going to be getting amateurish photographs. Even a professional photographer in a different field such as commercial photography will have a rough go of photographing weddings.

Weddings are tough. Bottom line. And the only thing that makes it flow and seem almost effortless is experience. Do you want to give your photographer the opportunity to practice on your wedding?

Or do you want someone who is so qualified they can handle anything that is thrown at them and they come through at the end with dynamic pictures?

Of course a photographer can't guarantee wedding pictures because of the very nature of weddings. A wedding is an event. Once your wedding is over, it's over. You have your photographs as your memories, so ruined photos won’t matter much even if you get all your money back.

All professional photographers will have two forms of insurance. Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. If they dont have these, run!

Professional Indemnity insurance pays out if there is a serious problem with the images afterwards, eg the cameras and cards/films are stolen or lost before they have been backed up, or a camera was not working but appeared to be. A while back a wedding photographer's car was stolen with the cameras inside as he was about to go home. The insurance can pay out to repeat your day.

Public Liability insurance pays out if your photographer knocks your Auntie Nelly over and she breaks a leg.

Cheap or non professional photographers tend not to buy insurance, or they cannot obtain it as the insurance company won't insure them; so this is one sure test to find out if a photographer really is a professional. Ask to see the certificates, check they are valid. If they can't produce them, you know you are taking a risk employing them.

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