I recomend that all wedding couples buy "Wedding Insurance". We don't sell it but it easily found on the net. It's very inexpensive £100 will cover a wedding up to £25,000. Why do I recommend this? Well in these increasingly difficult trading conditions many wedding suppliers are closing and because they are bankrupt people are losing their deposits, booking fees, goods that they have paid for.  As a Newcastle and Durham wedding photographer I have become aware of several instances - a couple of years ago a   hotel that was very popular with wedding receptions closed and To View More >>

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I haven't gone all the way back to 1955, but over the last couple of weeks I have got out my Nikon F4 camera. This was a top of the range, very expensive camera when it was launched; it cost over £2000 in the nineties, withou a lens. It is auto focus and uses 35mm film. I cleaned it and found a manual online so I knew what the dozens of buttons did, charged the batteries, obtained a replacement focussing screen and bought a couple of rolls of Kodak Tri-X film. Opening the film canister took me back in time, the aroma of the film hit my nostrils and that was what took me back in time. I loaded To View More >>

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I have been asked if we ever do special offers or discounts. the answer is, yes we do. To be able to access these you have to sign up to receive our occasional newsletter. There is a sign up link on all pages of the website and also on Facebook, via this link We never share anyone's details and its very easy to unsubscribe at any time. We received an endorsement of one of our previous offers from Laura Dixon who married Ross in 2011, they received their photography completely free by winning the draw we held in 2010. Here is what she says. "The first time To View More >>

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What to do with the images from a pre-wedding shoot? We offer a pre-wedding shoot with all of our album packages, its the ideal way to get to know us and to learn to relax in front of the camera. This is the best way for you to get to know us and start to build what we hope will be a great working relationship. It will be very informal; you will have fun, and get fantastic pictures too. This shoot is included. The shoot lasts up to two hours, and in that time you will relax in front of camera and begin to experience the uniquely intimate nature of the Northlights style. The shoot can take place To View More >>

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We had a great afternoon by the river in Durham. A beautiful signing book for guests at their wedding has been produced. A lovely couple, both teachers and we wish them well in their life together. To View More >>

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